For My Sweets Lovers

Aug 7, 2020

If you know me, you know that I love anything sweet, gooey and chocolatey. I will quite literally be your friend for life if you feed me delicious cookies. To put it lightly, I am a cookie connoisseur and, well, these cookies are the best I have ever had in my lifetime. No joke. If you are anything like me, then I have the biggest treat for you. A sweet treat that is, in my opinion LIFE CHANGING. How could it be that life altering you ask? Well, hear me out. Let me just list the reasons on why this particular treat is that amazing!

  1. They are cookies (one of my personal favorite treats)
  2. They are chocolatey
  3. They are made of all clean ingredients
  4. They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Peanut/Tree Nut Free
  6. And Finally, they are absolutely delicious and a family favorite/staple

A while back I made the decision to start a plant based lifestyle for myself due to my illness. I was sincerely (like maybe a little over the top) scared that I would no longer get to indulge in my favorite sweets (I know, great priorities). I tried to put it out of my mind but then one day, while shopping in Kroger this beautiful pink and white packaging started glowing like a beacon of light. *Imagine beautiful singing of the “ahhhh”* That was what went off in my head. No joking! And then, when I saw I could eat them raw…well, let’s just say my college girl dreams came true and I loaded my basket up!

I digress, I am not lying when I say they are a family favorite. Colby eats a raw one with me often haha! And when Beckham see’s the package, he relentlessly asks for them until he gets one. We have all had them raw and we have all had them baked. BOTH ways are delicious. If you are looking for a clean sweet treat for yourself and your family, I can absolutely promise you, that you will NOT go wrong with Sweet Loren’s cookies. Check their website out to find your nearest retailer. Trust me, you will be back…well, often to buy more and all the flavors they have to offer!

As we do in our house, COOKIE CHEERS to you all and Happy Friday!

Create The Happy – KB



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