Raise Em’ Up

Jul 28, 2020

My baby is two and a half (In my book, that half always matters). I remember the day we found out we were pregnant with our little man…To be honest, I was terrified. So scared that we would be responsible for this tiny little blessing. That we would be given the task of shaping and molding him into the man he will one day be. If I am still being honest, that thought scares me and excites me. Scares me, because WOW what a huge responsibility. Excites me, because WOW what an incredible gift! We get to witness life from its conception and watch it grow, foster it, hold it tight and slowly learn to let them go.

As parents you want nothing more than for your child to excel. You want them to learn and grow. Most importantly, you want nothing more than their happiness. Sometimes, however, their happiness may look just a little different from what you had envisioned for them and that’s okay.

As parents we have come to find that we like messy, because that means that fun was had and creativity was flowing. We like the belly laughs and screams, because that means his heart is full. We like random handprints on the windows and mirrors, because that means he is exploring. We like the “let me hold you” because that means he wants to be close. We like the tantrums, because that means he is learning and growing. We like the potty training, because the joy of a two year old who gets to celebrate going potty on a big boy potty is insurmountable. Parenting isn’t easy. Sometimes, it is down right scary and hard. But being parents is the absolute biggest blessing.

As we say our prayers before bed every night, we thank God for choosing us to be a family. We thank God for the love that He has given us to share with each other. And, I say a special thank you for blessing me with my little family. My heart is full and I always pray that we are raising Beckham to have a heart that seeks after God. A boy who sees people for what is in their hearts and a joy that overwhelms those he encounters. Because, let’s be honest, our world could use a little more happy.

So my friends, my prayer for you, is that you would slow down to appreciate the screams, the dirty windows/mirrors, the constant begging of wanting to be held and the tantrums. Knowing that with the mess, comes so much love and the beautiful opportunity to raise them up to be incredible humans.

Create The Happy – KB



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