I’m Not Your Cup of Tea

Jul 24, 2020

Or coffee, or celery juice or whatever it might be that you fancy. And you know what? I am OKAY with that. I know that I am too smiley for some people. I am too happy. I am too loving. Too forgiving. Too trusting. Too positive. Too loud. I say what is on my mind and I love to know more about the people I encounter. I ask questions that may be a little too forward. I see that, and I am okay with that. Because, believe me when I say, I am me. I am authentic. I will throw positivity in your face like confetti and smile while I am doing it. I see what you are walking through, and I will ALWAYS point out the positives that you are missing.

Here’s the punchline: it took me awhile to truly be okay with myself. To be okay with the person that God created me to be. Why? because I am the ultimate people pleaser. I wanted everyone around me to like me. I wanted to perform to the best of my ability in every aspect of my life so that I could please those around me. NEWS FLASH: Your life is not for anyone else but YOU and GOD!

Hear me out here, when I stopped focusing on others and their thoughts, it allowed me to flourish as a person. It released a sense of freedom that gave me the biggest joy and my goodness, relief. It was like I was carrying this weight that I never knew I had. I woke with a new purpose. To glorify our creator. My life is not my own. It is not here to please those around me, but to spread His love. To see people through the spirit of love and joy that God gifted me.

So trust me when I say, I am okay with not being your cup of tea. I am okay with your opinion of me and welcome it. We are all different and unique. Each of us bring something different to the table. If I’m not your slice of pie, then maybe I can add a little flavor to your tea. Let’s work on loving the person that God created us to be. On looking past the worldly things and loving your neighbor for who they really are.

My question to you is, who or what are you living for? Are you living to please? Are you living to spite? Are you living for your own selfish desires? Answer that and listen when I say, let it go. You do you! For God and yourself. Everything else will fall into place.

Create The Happy – KB

Photography Credit: Camralynz Photography



  1. You make my heart smile!! My cup of tea always!!! I love you!!

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